Start Here

Here are the simple steps to become a ProActive Chiropractic Member.

We understand that many people have questions about chiropractic in general or about how our practice works specifically. We’re glad to address any questions you have before your first appointment. Feel free to contact us.


Schedule Your First Visit

We require an appointment for your first two visits; the first visit will establish care, and at the second visit we will review our findings and present a plan to address your particular challenges and concerns.

Because we utilize a ‘membership’ system in our office, insurance isn’t necessary to receive care. This greatly reduces the amount of paperwork required to begin care. You can fill out our paperwork intake form when you schedule your first appointment and save a little more time when you arrive at our office.


Your First Appointment

Consultation with Dr. Grant

Once your paperwork is completed, Dr. Grant will consult with you to get the full story surrounding your case, and will work with you to create a plan to address your challenges in an individualized way, which includes a chiropractic examination of your spine and state-of-the-art neurological testing.


After your consultation, Dr. Grant will complete a series of tests that evaluate your overall neurological ‘calibration’, which includes an infrared thermography exam, a surface EMG exam, and heart rate variability exam, all of which illustrate the body’s ability (or inability) to adapt to the stressors of every day life.

Chiropractic Examination

Following the INSIGHT tests, Dr. Grant will complete a chiropractic examination of your spine, and will ask further questions about your particular challenges.

Your first Adjustment

When the consultation, INSIGHT tests, and chiropractic examination are completed, we will typically begin care immediately. We recognize the importance of a clear nervous system and don’t want to delay getting you moving towards a better expression of LIFE!



Following your adjustment, Dr. Grant will give some general recommendations for follow-up activities/care at home.

Pricing Details

We believe the best relationships in life, both personal and professional are built on openness, transparency, and honesty. In the spirit of these three fundamentals, our fees are described as follows so there will be no financial surprises for either party. Our fee structure is unique. Instead of paying for individual visits, you pay a monthly access fee that allows you to have your spine checked as often as you need.


First visit: $150

Monthly Membership Fee: $125


First visit: $200

Monthly Membership Fee: $175

Your first visit to our office includes a consultation, chiropractic spinal analysis, a state-of-the-art series of tests of your nervous system, and your first adjustment. The first visit fee is payable by cash, check, credit or debit card.

Your first visit fee also covers one whole month of care.

The heart behind our pricing

Our purpose in practice is simple, and our fees are a reflection of that simplicity. Our mission is to provide life changing chiropractic care to our community in the same capacity we provide chiropractic care to our own families; on a regular, consistent basis for maximum expression of life.

The Membership Practice concept is based on the understanding that EVERYONE can benefit from regular chiropractic care and is our most popular option that our practice members choose. That every man, woman, and child should be able to find and afford quality chiropractic care, and use it for the rest of their lives to improve and maintain their health and life. 

The greatest benefits of chiropractic care come from time and repetition, just like eating right and exercising. Our fee structure lets you know immediately what your chiropractic budget is without the worry of surprising non-covered benefits that can occur when insurance is utilized. Our fee structure ensures there are no financial surprises, which keeps everyone happy.

Our recommendations are based on YOUR needs, not our fees, or what your insurance company will pay for.  It lowers the financial risk of trying chiropractic care.  Because chiropractic can benefit your entire family, our plans are designed so the entire family can enjoy the benefits of a clear nerve system.

Because of the unique nature of our fee system, we can not and will not bill traditional health insurance, or accept MVA, personal injury, or workman’s compensation cases.